Tax Audit

Getting a letter from the Internal Revenue Service is like seeing a police officer pull out when you drive past.   You start thinking about everything you did wrong and how much trouble you are going to be in.

“How fast was I going?”  “Did I change lanes without using my turn signal?” “What should I say to get off with a warning?”

When you make mistakes driving you can’t ask the police to wait while you give your lawyer a call so he can come and explain to them why you were speeding.  Fortunately, when you make a mistake on your taxes, you can call us to make sure you are not going to get yourself into even more trouble by saying or doing the wrong thing.

We meet with the Revenue Agent so you don’t have to.  We will have all the required supporting documents ready for the Agent to ensure the audit proceeds quickly and efficiently.   You don’t want your audit dragging on and you don’t want to leave an audit with more unanswered questions than when you started.

If you received a letter from the Internal Revenue Service call our office today.  We can start work quickly to ensure your audit goes smoothly.