New England Taxpayers

Do you owe the Internal Revenue Service money?  Did they file a Notice of Federal Lien against you.  Every Enrolled Agent, CPA and Lawyer in the nation will be sending you letters for the next 6 months telling you why you should hire them.

If you are dealing with a Revenue Officer or Revenue Agent in New England, why would you think of hiring someone in Chicago or Los Angeles?  How will the accountant or lawyer five states away be effective at dealing with the Internal Revenue Service on your behalf?  Do you trust the guy on Craigslist enough to send him $10,000? 

Yes, we also send out letters.   We send letters to taxpayers in New England. The reason we only send to people in New England is so that we can meet with out clients in person.  We can also meet with the Revenue Agent or Revenue Officer working on your case, if an in person meeting is required.

You  would not call a car dealership to negotiate a new car purchase over the phone.  Dealing with the Internal Revenue Service is the same.   If you have tried calling the IRS you will know it is almost impossible to get any help over the phone.  You need someone that knows how the IRS works, and someone that can go to the IRS in person if need be.

Our office is located directly across the street from the Internal Revenue Service in Manchester, New Hampshire.  We deal with the Internal Revenue Service directly so you don’t have to.

Call our office today.  603-724-2288.